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Netra Lab's Ground Truth® is the world's first enterprise language chain framework for building and deploying Expert AI Agents™ into production, at scale. 

Future Proof your Investment in AI

Integrates with the entire AI Ecosystem. Ground Truth® connects with any LLM or LMM, allowing users to select “the right” model at any time that best optimizes any stage or action within the business process.

There is a need for a solution.

To simplify the complexity of Generative AI.

Ground Truth® simplifies AI Agent development with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, enabling rapid creation of complex agentic workflows.
Why Ground Truth™

Solve Real Business Problems with Expert AI Agents™ Tailored to Your Needs

Generative AI promises incredible potential, but most struggle to unlock value due to generic frameworks like LangChain that oversimplify interaction with models.

Others offer tools and frameworks; we focus on finding ‘gold’ – high-impact use cases where Generative AI can deliver exponential returns.

The Ground Truth® framework creates Expert AI Agents™ by embedding decades of domain-specific expertise into an AI Agent.

These Expert AI Agents™ equip System Integrators to scale their specialized knowledge across clients.

Ground Truth® empowers you with the language chain framework built for the enterprise  that positions you for the future.

There is a need for a solution.

Ensure Enterprise grade reliability and governance.

Enterprises demand security and accountability, the Ground Truth® framework delivers with enterprise-grade control mechanisms:
You need a solution.

And endless scaling possibilities for your AI Agents.

The Ground Truth® framework excels in the orchestration of complex agentic workflows, providing actual clarity around usage.

Built for Business

Whether you're a system integrator, an innovator, or a creator, our language chain framework provides the tools and capabilities you need to build and deploy Expert AI Agents™.


Deliver the next era of AI-powered automation with Ground Truth®, the enterprise language chain framework that empowers you to build and deploy Expert AI Agents™ for your clients.

Data Federal set out to solve the growing need within the government to ensure electronic documents comply with Federal Accessibility (508) guidelines. Their team of domain experts recognized the high costs and inefficiencies of existing methods and sought a solution to streamline the compliance process.

By leveraging Netra Labs’ Ground Truth® framework, Data Federal rapidly developed the first accessibility agent,™ which generates a 508 compliant PDF with minimal human intervention. This innovation resulted in a 90% reduction in compliance costs compared to existing methods, enabling them to provide a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for government agencies.


Amplify your competitive advantage with Ground Truth®, the AI partner that empowers you to leverage your domain knowledge and build Expert AI Agents™ that transform your business.

8X ENERGY delivers Distributed Energy Resource (DER) consulting to a broad set of Industries, Manufactures, and Energy Service Companies.  8x ENERGY’s team of highly experienced domain specialists needed a tool to create a single application to automate the analysis of DER performance at scale, and reduce the time and cost of delivering recommendations to their customers. 

Netra Labs leveraged their Ground Truth® platform to rapidly develop the tool “BRADLEY.AI™” that automates the analysis at scale, resulting in the reduction of operating costs and emissions, while enhancing energy resiliency, not previously possible with methods available today.


Ground Truth® empowers developers and analysts to incubate their ideas, transforming them into powerful Expert AI Agents™ and launching successful businesses.

Joseph J. is an expert in COBOL transformations, specifically in the area of enterprise Batch processes.  Joseph invented a novel method, called HyperBatch, that executes batch processes 20-60 times faster than the mainframe yet, the conversion process from legacy COBOL programs was manual, as the current refactoring tools are not capable of handling the complex method of the invention. 

Joseph, with the aid of Ground Truth®, was able to achieve massive success in delivering the first Gen AI powered batch processing conversion solution, JOSEPH.AI, that reduces years of development to days, resulting in operating cost savings of 80%, and 20X faster run times.


How long does it typically take develop custom Expert AI Agents™?

The development time for custom expert ai agents can vary significantly based on the problem it’s designed to solve and its scope. For instance, our agent™ reached a prototype stage within 4 weeks. However, some agents, especially those with more extensive requirements or those needing a custom, fine-tuned language model, can take 3 months or more to develop.

While we strive to optimize our development process, the timeline can be influenced by factors such as the need for data collection, the complexity of the custom language chains, and the level of fine-tuning required. Although the development process for these innovative autonomous agents might not adhere to a strict timeline, the investment in time is worthwhile to ensure a high-quality, effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

Can my Expert AI Agent™ be updated as my business needs change?

Once your agent is deployed, you can opt to manage its infrastructure and updates yourself or choose our managed service for a hassle-free experience. Our managed service ensures that you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects, as we handle everything from infrastructure maintenance to updates based on your evolving business needs. This flexible approach allows your expert agent to remain effective and aligned with your changing requirements, though we do balance this adaptability with the scope and nature of requested changes.

With this added flexibility, expert agents are designed to grow with your business. While you retain full control over the agent after deployment, our managed services provide an option to continuously refine and enhance its capabilities. This means that as your business develops and your needs change, your expert agent can be updated to meet these new challenges, ensuring that it remains a powerful tool for your operations without the need for endless manual adjustments.

How do Expert AI Agents™ differ from off-the-shelf AI solutions?

Expert agents are distinct from off-the-shelf AI solutions due to their deep domain-specific expertise and customized approach. Unlike generalized AI, which is designed for broad and flexible use, expert agents are developed by individuals with significant experience in specific fields. For example, our agent ‘Joseph’ was created using the HyperBatch™ method by a professional with over 35 years in batch processing. This enables expert agents to perform specialized tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency, adapting to complex business needs where generic AI solutions fall short.

Furthermore, expert agents offer tailored scalability and adaptability. They transform extensive human expertise into automated efficiency, allowing businesses to replicate expert skills across multiple processes. This approach not only ensures a high degree of accuracy and effectiveness in specialized tasks but also provides significant cost savings and operational improvements. By evolving with your business needs, expert agents like JOSEPH.AI™ demonstrate a clear advantage, turning years of manual effort into days of automated processing, and ensuring ongoing relevance and superior performance compared to traditional AI models.

How do you ensure data security and privacy when developing and deploying agents?

We prioritize data security and privacy in every aspect of developing and deploying our expert agents. Depending on the specific use case and operational requirements, we choose the most appropriate approach to maintain high security standards. For scenarios where security and privacy are paramount, we can fine-tune open models like Llama 3 using secure data to ensure that the agent meets the strictest security and governance standards. These agents can be deployed on-premise or in any secure environment required by the client, providing full control over data security.

In cases where the use case permits the use of public, open models without stringent security concerns, we utilize these models to optimize efficiency and scalability. Regardless of the approach, our infrastructure leverages serverless setups, such as AWS Lambda, ensuring that the data remains within the client’s environment and under their control. This architecture minimizes risks and enhances privacy by keeping sensitive information out of reach and securely within the infrastructure designed around the client’s specific needs.

Can my Expert AI Agent™ integrate with my existing software and systems?

Absolutely! Our expert agents are designed with the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of software and systems. The core idea behind these agents is their ability to interact with any tool, system, or environment, depending on the specific needs of your use case. Whether it’s systems of record, communication mechanisms, or other operational tools, our agents can be tailored to ensure a smooth and effective integration.

This adaptability is central to the functionality of our expert agents. By working closely with your team, we identify the key integration points and develop customized solutions that enhance your existing infrastructure. This approach allows our agents to enhance your operational efficiency by bridging gaps between different systems and facilitating smooth data exchange and workflow automation across your entire ecosystem.

What kind of support and maintenance do you provide for Expert AI Agents™ post-deployment?

As of right now, our top priority is supporting every Expert AI Agent™ we create. We are a growing team, and while we are committed to providing the best support possible, we ask for your understanding as we balance bringing on new customers and hiring more employees. For now, we will do our absolute best to accommodate any support requests, but our existing customers will always be our priority. To make sure everyone’s needs are met, we will work out a dedicated support plan or agreement for each customer, ensuring everyone is comfortable with how we handle things.

As we continue to grow and mature, we plan to expand our customer support capabilities even further. Our goal is to build a more robust support system to handle general queries efficiently, allowing us to meet the needs of a broader customer base. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Rest assured, we are fully dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Expert AI Agent™ and ensuring it operates at peak performance.

How much do Expert AI Agents™ cost, and what's the return on investment?

The cost of an agent varies based on the development pathway chosen and the complexity of the project. We offer three main channels: 1) Self-service platform usage where you can build an expert agent using our platform (like ‘Kate,ai’), 2) Co-development, where we collaborate to create a customized expert agent (like ‘’), and 3) Direct use of our platform by developers or power users to create their agents (like ‘’). For the self-service and platform use, we charge a licensing fee which provides access to our suite of tools and support. For co-developed projects, the pricing is tailored based on the scope, scale, and specific needs of the project, ensuring we agree on terms that reflect the value and customization required.

The return on investment for an expert agent is significant, given their ability to automate complex, domain-specific tasks that are traditionally time-consuming and costly. By enhancing operational efficiency, reducing errors, and freeing up human resources for higher-value work, expert agents deliver a clear economic benefit. The specific ROI will depend on the operational context, but our aim is to design agents that quickly recoup their initial cost and continue to provide value over the long term.

How do you measure the success and performance of Expert AI Agents™?

The success and performance of our expert agents are measured by their ability to achieve the specific outcomes they were designed for. Since our agents are purpose-built to tackle hyper-specific business problems, we define success by their efficiency and accuracy in completing those tasks. This focused approach allows us to set clear performance metrics based on the intended function and impact of the agent. Whether it’s speeding up processing times, reducing operational costs, or improving customer satisfaction, we track these key indicators to assess how well the agent is fulfilling its role.

Additionally, we consider the adaptability and scalability of the agent as part of its overall performance. An expert agent that can adjust to changing business needs without extensive reconfiguration represents a successful deployment. By maintaining this high level of specificity and adaptability, our expert agents provide businesses with a powerful tool that not only meets but exceeds their operational expectations, ensuring a measurable and meaningful impact on their bottom line.

What happens if my Expert AI Agent™ doesn't meet my expectations?

We understand that developing expert agents by embedding deep domain expertise into AI is uncharted territory, and with any pioneering technology, there are inherent risks. However, we are committed to minimizing these risks and ensuring that your expert agent meets your expectations. From the outset, we engage in a transparent process, providing constant feedback and setting clear benchmarks. This approach allows us to monitor progress closely and make adjustments as needed throughout the development and deployment phases.

If an expert agent does not initially meet your expectations, we are dedicated to working collaboratively to identify the gaps and rectify the issues. Our co-development approach means we invest as much time and effort as you do, ensuring we’re aligned in our goals. We will explore all possible solutions, from tweaking the agent’s parameters to re-evaluating its integration with your systems, to ensure we reach a satisfactory outcome. Our aim is always to forge a path to success, leveraging our expertise and resources to turn challenges into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

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