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— Automation has long been a driving force in the quest for efficiency and productivity across industries. From the early days of rigid, rule-based systems to the advent of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its concept of “bots,” businesses have sought to streamline processes and reduce manual labor. However, these traditional automation technologies often struggled to adapt to context and handle subjectivity, limiting their applicability in complex, real-world scenarios.

Enter the era of Generative AI and AI Agents. These advanced AI systems, powered by large language models (LLMs), have the ability to understand context, handle subjectivity, and generate human-like responses. This has opened up new possibilities for automation, enabling the creation of more flexible and adaptable solutions.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the evolution of automation, from traditional RPA to generalized autonomous agents, and finally, to the emerging concept of Expert AI Agents (specialized agents trained on a hyperspecific task or function). We’ll also dive into how Ground Truth™, our cutting-edge platform, enables the creation of these specialized AI Agents, unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation across industries.

The Limitations of Traditional Automation

First off, why do we automate anything? At its core, automation is about making processes more efficient and effective. By delegating repetitive, time-consuming tasks to machines, businesses save time, reduce errors, and free up human resources for higher-value activities.

However, traditional automation technologies like RPA have their limitations. These systems rely on explicitly programmed rules and workflows, making them rigid and inflexible. Any deviation from the predefined process, such as subjective decision-making or contextual understanding, is treated as an exception that requires human intervention.

Seems simple enough, right? But consider a bot programmed to process invoices. If the invoice format changes or a new supplier is added, the bot would likely fail to adapt, requiring manual updates to its programming. This rigidity limits the scalability and adaptability of traditional automation solutions.

While these technologies still have their place in certain scenarios, the rise of Generative AI and AI Agents opens up new possibilities for handling complexity and subjectivity in automation.

The Challenges of Building Custom AI Agents

AI Agents represent the next evolution of automation, leveraging Generative AI’s power to handle context and subjectivity. These AI-powered entities can understand natural language, reason about tasks, and generate human-like responses, making them far more flexible and adaptable than traditional automation solutions. As Dom Couldwell explains in his article “How To Build Autonomous Agents – The End-Goal for Generative AI”, autonomous agents are software programs that carry out work on behalf of a user. They combine LLMs with other tools and services to perform complex tasks and adapt their behavior based on evolving patterns of activity. In a customer service context, for example, an AI Agent could understand a customer’s inquiry, access relevant knowledge bases, and generate a personalized response—all without human intervention. This level of adaptability and contextual understanding sets AI Agents apart from the rigid, rule-based systems of the past. However, while generalized AI Agents have shown great promise, they often lack the depth of knowledge and expertise required to tackle highly specialized tasks. This is where Expert AI Agents come into play, combining the power of Generative AI with the domain expertise of human specialists.

The Emergence of Expert AI Agents

Expert AI Agents are the next frontier in automation, taking the concept of AI Agents to new heights by infusing them with deep domain expertise. These specialized AI Agents are trained and optimized for hyper-specific business functions, leveraging the knowledge and experience of human experts in their respective fields.

To truly be considered an Expert Agent, the individual configuring the agent or model must have extensive expertise in their specific domain. For instance, someone with 35+ years of experience in batch processing in mainframes would be well-suited to create an Expert Agent focused on that particular area. By translating their vast knowledge into a model and agent, they can create a highly specialized entity capable of performing specific tasks with human-like expertise.

The value of Expert Agents lies in their ability to scale human knowledge to an unlimited number of agents. In the past, a single expert with decades of experience could only take on a limited number of clients or projects at once. With Expert AI Agents, that same expertise can be replicated and applied on a much larger scale, enabling businesses to tackle complex, domain-specific challenges with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Ground Truth™ : The Platform for building your Expert AI Agent

With Ground Truth™, we’ve developed a cutting-edge platform that empowers users to create Expert AI Agents and instill their domain expertise into AI-powered entities. Our platform provides a drag-and-drop interface for configuring and training specialized agents that will follow your specific workflow, making it easier than ever to harness the power of Generative AI for specific business functions.

One notable example of an Expert AI Agent created using Ground Truth is “Joseph,” named after a gentleman with over 35 years of experience in batch processing. Joseph’s creator invented a novel method called HyperBatch™, which executes batch processes 20-60 times faster than traditional mainframe methods. However, the conversion process from legacy COBOL programs was manual, as existing refactoring tools couldn’t handle the complexity of the invention.

Using Ground Truth, Joseph’s creator developed “JOSEPH.AI™,” the first Generative AI-powered batch processing conversion solution. This Expert AI Agent reduces years of development to mere days, resulting in operating cost savings of 80% and 20 times faster run times. By encapsulating Joseph’s creator’s extensive knowledge and expertise, JOSEPH.AI™ demonstrates the transformative potential of Expert AI Agents in tackling complex, domain-specific challenges.


The evolution of automation has brought us from rigid, rule-based systems to the era of Generative AI and AI Agents. Expert AI Agents represent the next frontier in this journey, combining the power of AI with deep domain expertise to tackle hyper-specific business challenges.

We believe that Expert AI Agents are the future of automation. By enabling businesses to create specialized AI Agents for every function and task, we’re unlocking new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation across industries. Our platform empowers users to instill their domain expertise into AI-powered entities, scaling human knowledge to unprecedented levels.

If you’re looking to harness the power of AI Agents for your specific domain, we invite you to explore Ground Truth. Our platform provides the tools and capabilities you need to create highly specialized agents that can transform your business processes. Contact us today to learn more about how Ground Truth can help you unlock the full potential of Generative AI and Expert Agents in your organization.

Transform Your Business with Expert AI Agents

Ground Truth enables you to create AI-powered entities that combine the flexibility of Generative AI with your deep domain expertise. Unlock unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in tackling hyper-specific business challenges.

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