How Generative AI is transforming Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data in the Enterprise

Enterprises generate massive amounts of data each day, but much of it remains untapped due to the difficulties in processing unstructured data at scale. Traditionally, organizations have focused on extracting data from specific document types using tools like OCR or IDP. However, this approach requires custom models for each document type, making it time-consuming and fragmented.

Applying this method to all the meetings, emails, and other unstructured data an enterprise generates is simply not feasible with traditional technology. Generative AI changes the game by allowing synthesis of information from diverse unstructured data sources with minimal training, delivering valuable insights quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge of Processing Unstructured Data at Scale

Even for small and mid-sized companies, especially those that process many transactions, managing documents is a significant undertaking that is often underestimated. Documents represent just a fraction of the unstructured data that holds valuable information.

Consider invoices or purchase orders. They come in myriad formats with vendor-specific rules, frequently leading to errors that demand manual intervention. Processing a single invoice can cost $5 to $20 or more. For this fundamental document that ensures you get paid, current methods make rapidly extracting data from any unstructured source impractical, creating a major challenge.

The Concept of 'Batch Information Retrieval'

Generative AI is revolutionizing information retrieval from unstructured data, surpassing OCR and IDP. It applies the concept of batch processing, where multiple transactions are handled concurrently, to unstructured data sources to extract insights at scale. Let’s examine the “Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom” pyramid:

  1. Data: Raw, unprocessed facts that lack meaning in isolation, like purchase order rows.
  2. Information: Organized, contextualized data gains meaning, such as aggregated sales reports.
  3. Knowledge: Analyzing information yields knowledge, like sales pattern insights.
  4. Wisdom: Applying judgment to insights informs strategic decisions, such as forecasting trends.

Generative AI enhances this entire process, rapidly converting raw unstructured data into structured information for immediate analysis. Extracting sentiment from feedback or summarizing complex logs becomes a matter of minutes. Traditionally, each pyramid step required manual effort or custom tools. Generative AI streamlines these, automating synthesis for real-time, high-level insights, saving time and resources while enabling new ways to leverage unstructured data for strategy and innovation.

Ground Truthâ„¢ automates the synthesis of your unstructured data

Ground Truth was built to optimize how enterprises handle unstructured data efficiently and at scale. It can synthesize information in batches, streamlining complex workflows beyond just accessing apps or pre-processing data. It seamlessly manages multiple steps before extraction begins, enabling it to handle intricate data processes with ease.

Our parallel processing architecture supports large-scale information needs by running multiple workflows simultaneously for increased speed and efficiency. However, we prioritize more than just speed. Ground Truth emphasizes governance and quality assurance with built-in human review for validating and updating synthesized information. Our “double-blind” process has two independent reviewers evaluate each data batch, ensuring the highest accuracy and quality to meet even the most stringent 99.99%+ standards.

Ground Truth simplifies unstructured data synthesis in a scalable, reliable, and thoroughly vetted way. By combining advanced automation with expert human oversight, it provides a comprehensive solution for modern data management challenges.


Unstructured data is proliferating rapidly, fueled by advances in Generative AI. Yet this same technology also enables automating unstructured data synthesis. Our platform empowers enterprises to effectively control their unstructured data needs. Seamlessly connecting to any model, it leverages multi-modal capabilities to handle diverse use cases, ensuring maximum value from all data sources. With governance and quality assurance built-in, businesses can trust our platform for accurate, reliable insights that transform their unstructured data into actionable intelligence.

Transform Your Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights

Amidst a sea of generalized AI tools, Ground Truthâ„¢ delivers customized solutions tailored to solve your unique business challenges. Our platform simplifies the creation of expert AI agents that genuinely address complex enterprise requirements.

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