The Rise of Language Chains
Generative AI

Language Chains in the Enterprise


As Generative AI technology continues to progress both in capability and scope, businesses are expanding their use of language models beyond simple tasks into the realm of complex, multi-step workflows in an effort to drive real business impact.

However, every AI developer who has tried to build an enterprise-grade solution using generic language chains knows the pain that comes with customization and integration. Before delving into the details, let’s give a brief overview of what language chains are and why building them from scratch can be so time-consuming. By providing a real-world example of how a new platform called Ground Truth overcomes these challenges to enable the creation of robust and sophisticated language chains, we hope to give a clearer picture of the potential for this technology in the enterprise.

First off, what exactly are language chains?

Language chains are sequences of interconnected components that work together to process input data, perform tasks, and generate desired outputs. Many of the leading AI development frameworks like Langchain provide pre-built modules and utilities to simplify the creation of these chains.

To put it simply, language chains break down complex tasks into a series of smaller steps, each handled by a specialized component such as a data loader, language model, data processor, decision engine, or output formatter. Chaining these components together allows for the creation of powerful AI workflows tailored to specific use cases. what's so hard about building custom chains?

Again, striving for simplicity, while frameworks like Langchain are great for rapid prototyping, they often fall short when it comes to building production-ready solutions in the enterprise. The generic chains they provide are not always well-suited to the unique requirements and constraints of enterprise environments. Customizing these chains to incorporate proprietary models, business logic, security measures, and integrations can require extensive time and resources. This is where platforms purpose-built for the enterprise like Ground Truth come in.

How about a proper use case?

Let’s consider a real-world scenario where a financial services firm wants to automate the process of analyzing earnings call transcripts to extract key insights about a company’s financial health, competitive positioning, and forward-looking guidance.

The first step in the language chain would be a data loader component that retrieves the latest batch of earnings call transcripts from a specified source. Next, a pre-trained language model fine-tuned for financial domain understanding would process each transcript to perform named entity recognition, identifying and extracting mentions of key financial metrics, product launches, strategic initiatives, and risk factors.

The extracted entities would then be passed to a data processor component that enriches them with relevant context from the firm’s proprietary knowledge bases and external data sources. This enriched data would flow into a decision engine component that applies the firm’s custom business logic and investment criteria to flag transcripts that contain notable insights or potential concerns.

Finally, an output formatter component would take the flagged transcripts and key extracts and generate a polished summary report for distribution to analysts, portfolio managers, and other stakeholders. This report would include data visualizations, risk scoring, and links to additional research, all tailored to the firm’s specific requirements and branding guidelines.

Ground Truth™ enables the easy building of complex language chains

Ground Truth is a platform that empowers enterprises to create complex, multi-step language chains using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It provides a flexible and intuitive environment for designing, testing, and deploying custom chains that are tailored to specific business needs.

One of the key advantages of Ground Truth is its ability to integrate with a wide range of AI models and components. Enterprises can choose the best-suited models for each step in their chain, based on factors such as performance, cost, and domain expertise. This allows for the creation of highly optimized and efficient chains that leverage the strengths of different models.

With Ground Truth, enterprises can build chains that incorporate their own proprietary models, fine-tuned on their specific data and use cases. They can also implement custom logic and business rules at any point in the chain, ensuring that the AI workflow aligns with their unique requirements and constraints.


As Generative AI continues to mature and evolve, the importance of language chains will only grow. Language chains provide a powerful mechanism for orchestrating complex AI workflows and unlocking the full potential of language models and other AI components.

Ground Truth represents a major step forward in this direction, providing enterprises with the tools and capabilities they need to build production-ready language chains at scale. By empowering businesses to create custom chains that are optimized for their unique needs, Ground Truth is helping to unlock the full potential of Generative AI in the enterprise.

Harness the Power of Language Chains in Your Enterprise

With Ground Truth, you can easily integrate proprietary models, business logic, and security measures to build production-ready AI solutions at scale. Start building powerful AI workflows today and experience the difference for yourself.

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